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Uncouples Counseling is a short term therapeutic process geared towards having individuals move meaningfully through the end of a relationship. The program is structured between five to nine sessions, with further sessions available upon request. Attending counseling while uncoupling can save you money, difficult emotions, and years of heartache in the long term. In Uncouples Counseling, we work on understanding and expressing your individual and conjoint narratives of the relationship, lowering resentment, creating goals for a peaceful dissolution, facilitating authentic dialogue & expressing pertinent truths, creating co-parenting agreements (if applicable), uncovering barriers to moving on peacefully, understanding and taking accountability for your role in both the pits and peaks of the relationship, and most importantly, making meaning of the ending. Upon request, we can do individual or conjoint EMDR sessions to work through any traumas or negative beliefs that have arisen in the relationship. This can be a powerful tool for both parties in moving forward. 

Please Note: I am currently not taking on any Uncouples Counseling clients at the moment


We will work to:


Let you tell the story of your relationship

Lower resentment

Facilitate authentic dialogue

Create co-parenting skills and agreements (if applicable)

Identify the breakdowns and breakthroughs of the relationship

Create objectives for the dissolution of your relationship 

Find out what’s keeping you from moving on peacefully

Take accountability and make amends for past hurts

Tell your truth without consequences

Make peace with the past and make meaning of the ending 


Feel free to contact me for a free 15 minute phone or video consultation, so we can get you to where you want to be.

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