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Brainspotting is a healing and restorative mind and body-based trauma treatment. In a Brainspotting session, we look for points of activation by accessing "Brainspots" in order to heal the mind and body from stored emotions and trauma that are negatively impacting you.  When we use Brainspotting, we have greater access to our subcortical brains, resulting in deep, long-lasting change and relief from anxiety, depression, and other difficult yet familiar feelings.  

Brainspotting naturally creates a sensory experience of emotional memories getting "unstuck" from your mind and body.  In Brainspotting, you process your sensations and memories while your eyes remain focused on a single activating spot (Brainspot), unlike EMDR which utilizes rapid eye movement.

What Can I Expect From Brainspotting?

  • Access your body's inner healing intelligence easily to heal core wounds and trauma

  • Get "unstuck" and feel better

  • Heal from intense emotions and make room in the mind and body for calmness, relaxation, and positivity

  • Gain deep insight and awareness

  • Create new and healthier relational patterns

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